General Store

Jordan's wooden building is fashioned in the manner of an old-timey hotel . The central part of the building was once used as the hospital barracks in the filming of a movie! The Jordans purchased the building and had it moved to their farm site. They later added to the structure, creating a country feeling where life is simple and carefree. Spend a relaxing day browsing through room after room filled with scenes, fascinating displays, and decorative pieces for to purchase for your home.  

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Candy Counter

Browse through the amazing selection of delicious old-fashioned and traditional treats. Vintage style bottle drinks are available for purchase. Our candy section offers great stocking stuffers for all ages. With a wide variety of candies and chocolate it is easy for any person to find a tasty treat!

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Fall decor

At Jordan's Plant Farm you will find must-have decorative pieces for your home. Just one or two items from Jordan's will make your home stand out at the Holiday parties to come! Each decorative item designed by our employees is one-of-a-kind piece that can only be found in our General Store. 


Santa's sneak peak

The elves at Jordan's Plant Farm are hard at work creating a Christmas wonderland. When you stop by to purchase your fall decor make sure you see the new upcoming Christmas decor offered here at Jordan's.